Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Lightning strikes 9 pupils in Tororo, Uganda

Tororo- Nine pupils at Abubakari Primary School in Tororo Municipality were on Monday (20/10/2014) admitted in critical condition to Tororo hospital after they were struck by lightning.
A doctor at the hospital Andrew Opete said the children, who had been unconscious, had gained stability. “We are doing everything possible, in fact, they are already out of danger,” Dr Opete said.
Those admitted include Hahfa Binti Rasul (P.7), Ibrahim Walugo (P.6), Kefas Gonyil (P.4), Edrisa Hifude (P.5), Abdu Wahab Kato (P.5), Eddi Ojambo (P.4), Abdushakus Swale (P.4), Araphat Kakule (P.6) and Swaibu Wasswa (P.6).
According to Ms Rose Atabong, a teacher at the school, said the children had been playing in the school compound when lightning struck.
“It was not even raining and the children were just playing in the compound,” she said.
However, the school does not have lightning arresters, which contravene the Ministry of Education policy guidelines.
Tororo Municipality inspector of schools Patrick Ereboi blamed the school for failing to install the arresters, saying: “We inspected Abubakari P/S early this month and recommended that the school installs a lightening arrester and fire extinguishers for the children’s safety. But we are surprised that they haven’t put those facilities in place up to now.”
Only nine schools out 15 in Tororo Municipality have lightning arrestors.


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