Saturday, 4 October 2014

Lightning injures students in Mwanza

Seventeen Kabuhoro Secondary School students in the city of Mwanza survived death on Wednesday, when they got hit by lightning following the ongoing heavy rains in the entire Lake Zone.

The seasonal short rains have began across the country accompanied by calamities involving lightning in some areas. Police here confirmed the incident.
According to the Regional Police Commander (RPC), Mr Valentino Mlowola, 17 students at Kabuhoro Secondary School in the municipality have been reported to be injured.
“Yes, we have confirmed the incident of lightning at the school,but reports we gathered have it that their condition is improving with medical treatment at the Sekou Toure Regional Hospital,” he said.
He said that 14 students got some electrical shocks and were rushed to the hospital and treated accordingly. Three students have been admitted for more investigations and closer medical attention.
However, Commander Mlowola said that in normal circumstances the police are not in the position to issue further public caution following the incident, since lightning is a natural calamity that cannot be controlled.
Commenting on the incident, the Regional Academic Officer, Mr Gervase Sezulu, said that Form Four students were in their classroom when they met the accident at 8.00 in the morning.
He challenged the government to make sure the school buildings and classrooms that are under construction are safeguarded with preventive gear like stable health wires to help regulate the possible effects of natural attacks that usually arrive unexpectedly.


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