Friday, 4 July 2014

short lightning safety YouTube releases

Hello - I thought you might like to see a couple of short lightning safety
YouTube releases as examples of what can be done and easily transmitted by
Facebook, YouTube, etc. 

If any of you want to modify any of the materials at the website
( for your country to be in the languages your
country uses and to show situations and people and dress that would be
native to your area or to use, the people at our National Weather Service
(particularly John Jensenius)have worked with many non-US people to provide
the source materials that can be modified for use in your country or region.

Here's a great article based on an interview John Jensenius  (the father of
lightning safety week) recently did.  He focuses on the ones that are
DANGEROUS, not the common but harmless myths:

John's 2013 Lightning Safety Message:

John's 2014 Lightning Safety Message:

Lightning Safety website:

Here's one done by Ryan Blumenthal, MD, from South Africa:

Mary Ann Cooper, MD, Founding Director
African Centres for Lightning and Electromagnetism
Professor Emerita, Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Illinois @ Chicago
  National Lightning Safety Awareness Week
                  Last full week of June


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