Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Lightning kills 8 pupils in Uganda- public reactions

PUPILS, teachers, parents and the neighbours of Buramba Primary School in Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality, were on Thursday (24th July 2014) evening left in shock, after lightning struck eight pupils to death and left 23 critically injured.
The shocking incident happened at 4:45 PM during a simple drizzle, as the pupils were in class for evening lessons at the school.

 It is reported that Lightning had struck another school, Bunyarigi Primary School, in the same area, 14 days prior to this tragic incident, but there were no reported casualties due to the school having lightning conductors installed on their classrooms.

Below are some of the reactions by some of the prominent locals to the incident : (translated to English from the original language used)

Bishop for the Diocese: "This has been an eye opener to us because we have not been minding about installing the metals that arrest Lightning. God will protect all the pupils and parents going forward"

MP Ishaka Municipality: "I have spoken with the minister for disaster preparedness, and I will prepare a report and take it to his office to see if there are ways we can support the families."

Education Officer Ishaka Municipality: "It's been less than 2 weeks since lightning struck Bunyarigi (primary school), and now see what has happened here. I can assure the parents that we will not allow this to happen again"

School Headmistress: "We have been struck by lightning, because even the other pupils are afraid and have not reported back to school. I request parents not to abandon the school, and send pupils back. We plead with all who can support us to raise money to buy Lightning arrestors"

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